Thursday 26th April 2018

Bath Street Photography

1-day group workshop
Cost £75.00 (per participant)
Group size 4 - 6(max)

Date & times
Thursday 26th April 2018
10.15am - approx 4.30pm

What's included:Street photography tuition
Small group size

Not included: Lunch & drinks

What to bring: Camera & Lenses
Spare battery for camera
Travel as light as possible

Fitness level

Availability - Fully booked

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Terms & conditions

Bath Street Photography
Bath has probably the richest and most significant architecture outside London. Some may argue it is better. Either way both have their place and offer many photographic opportunities. Those opportunities don't just stop at the architecture though as the people culture is as lively and cosmopolitan as any major cultural city in the world. The spring and summer months are no exception, so I have planned this street photography workshop to capture the people activity on the street. The day begins at 10.15am with an informal briefing before we take to the streets with our cameras. We aim to finish at approximately 4.30pm.

No rules, just opportunities!
As it is with street photography, the only remit is to travel light, unencumbered by large bags, tripods, or anything that would inhibit your ability to capture the moment. So much in this genre of photography relies on the photographer’s vision and ability to act 'on the move'; it also relies heavily on the people not necessarily being aware of your presence taking the photograph. Add to the mix a certain amount of serendipity (or luck) and you have the ingredients to totally immerse yourself in the moment. There are no rules when it comes to documenting the streets, just opportunities to capture the decisive moments.

Throughout the day I will set street challenges for you individually. I will be on hand for advice, tips and will guide you to the places of interest and particularly where the potential hot spots are. During the day we will grab some lunch; you may prefer to bring your own which is fine too. But remember, don't burden yourself with too much baggage.If you are looking for more inspiration to shoot we will be covering various aspects of shooting during the day from: telling stories with our photographs; candid shooting; shooting themes; and overcoming the fears of photographing people without them knowing.

What camera do I personally use for street photography?
Many people who have read my blog posts or website will know I am very much a Fujifilm X shooter and if you own one and want to come on this street workshop it is very much the type of camera to have for this genre of photography.

Any camera
You can attend this street shooting workshop even you don't have a Fujifilm X camera! Although the smaller cameras are very adept tools for street photography, you can use any camera of your choice from smart phone cameras to DSLRs. Remember, there are no rules!

It's a good thing is to be familiar with your menu systems and camera generally. An understanding of your exposure methods would be good too, although the most important thing is to enjoy the street shooting experience. The group size will be limited to six so there will plenty of time for personal advice and tips, no matter what camera you are using.

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